Our Mission.


We believe with all our hearts, that if you could have 5 minutes to see your true potential, and all the people you could help, the great things you can achieve on this earth, and all the people you will inspire, you would feel the urgency to start living your life to fulfill that potential because you have "limited" time on this earth, and a lot of work to do.

Ask yourself, why was I born at this time and not 600 years ago? Or 1,000 years ago? Why now? Why did God wait so long to send me to this earth? What does he want from me?

Your PURPOSE, it's one of the most important things you can know. Knowledge about yourself is everything. You will realize you are here to do a great work. You have limited time to complete that work. That is why you have to live with URGENCY every day.

At TWENTYU we are committed to help you achieve that PURPOSE, and we will remind you to live with URGENCY every day.

How do we do that? We have created something called the "20U Program" that we go over 4 different topics to help you understand who you are, why you are here, and live a life filled with fulfillment and true confidence.

And also, we have created a community of people who are committed to become the people God created them to be, and they strive everyday to do that, called the 20U Crew Membership.

If you are interested in more information, please feel free to schedule a call down below!

We invite you to be part of this community of individuals who are committed to make this world a better place by inspiring the next generations and becoming the best versions of themselves.

Welcome to TWENTYU.

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